About Us

Complete Image Pty Ltd is a media company that provides commercial photography and videography services. We specialise in Architectural and Real Estate media for marketing.

The company was founded by directors Paul and Warren in early 2018. Having already worked together in real estate media for 3 years prior, a surprise redundancy from their previous employment saw the ruggedly handsome duo combine their list of talents and industry knowledge to launch their own company.

Both have a background in IT, but have been passionate photographers for more than 20 years combined. What started as serious hobbies for both ended up leading to career changes. Paul and Warren have an abundance of knowledge and experience when it comes to imagery, having both worked with local and international publications, in digital and print mediums.

Paul and Warren are both highly professional and focused on providing a high level of service, but equally important they also make the process easy, so you have less to worry about. A one-stop shop, the company takes care of all the media requirements for marketing.

We love what we do, and we make sure we’re always having fun when we’re working to meet the high expectations of our clients. You only have to look at our social media feeds to see our team of highly skilled photographers and videographers enjoying what they do.

We aim to provide not only a great quality product and service, but a very high level of customer service also, which is easy when you have a great relationship with your client.

Give us a call, or slide into our DM’s today to see how we can help make your marketing a stress free process for both you and your clients.